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New Mini Dual Gauge Kit!
Son Of The Wind - A Mini Tachometer For Triumph Bonneville Motorcycles

Son Of The Wind Mini Tachometer Kit PDF Installation Manual

Download The Mini Tachometer Installation Manual       Son Of The Wind - A Mini Tachometer For Triumph Bonneville Motorcycles

Son Of The Wind Dual Mini Gauge Kit PDF Wiring Diagrams

Download The Dual Mini Gauge Wiring Diagrams       Son Of The Wind - A Dual Mini Gauge Kit For Triumph Bonneville Motorcycles

Installation Help and Troubleshooting Tips
Ok, I think first of all we should check to see if that when the engine is running, that the small parking lamp is illuminated inside the headlight cowl being that this is where the online diagrams instructs you to make the 12 volt positive connections of the Red and Blue wire and the Black Ground. It is possible that this "parking" or "running"(it is the small lamp next to the big headlight lamp) lamp goes off when the engine is running. If this light stays illuminated while the engine is running, we will continue to use it as our 12Volt Positive Source. Triumph changes their wiring year to year and continent to continent, and this is possible that there are variations in certain year models. If you have a volt meter, then we will need to check that the polarity of the 12 volt positive source that we choose is indeed Positive on the parking lamp. I am not sure is you have a meter or not, but if it is digital, put the Red Probe on the one wire , and the Black Probe to the Motorcycle Chassis. If it reads +12 with the engine running, then we have found our +12 source and that also means that the other wire is the Chassis Ground. Remember, if you see that the tachometer light is illuminated, it doesn't mean that the polarities are correct. The light in the tachometer doesn't care about the polarity, but the tachometer internals do, meaning that the tachometer light will be on, but the gauge isn't working. Ok hopefully this will take care of the 12 volt issue.

Now for the tach signal. If after testing and confirming that the 12 volt source is good when the engine is running, we need to check and make sure that we have the correct connection on the ignition coil. I realize that the EFI models don't indicate which terminal is positive or negative(some models). As indicated on the online wiring diagram, the EFI Model should use the upper terminal of the ignition coil with the Brown Wire. Again, there could be a variation of colors and ignition coils from Triumph. The good news is that if it doesn't work with the green (new black from kit) wire connected to the upper terminal of the ignition coil, then it is the other one. I don't like to be so rudimentary and un-precise, but with the constant changes from year to year and continent to continent, it sometimes comes down to basic "old school" techniques. So in the end, if the gauge is connected to a good 12 volt source and proper polarities when the engine is running, then testing the gauge with the other terminal on the ignition coil should do the trick. Stay calm and focused and it will work.

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